Monday, December 02, 2013

Hazy Shade of Winter

A handful of pilots braved the strong Kona winds and hazy sky at Diamond Head on Saturday, while an army of wishful pilots looked on. Jorge and Nova entertained us with multiple low acrobatic flights and top landings. Conditions ranged from brisk to brisker, and the best indicator was Brian staying up easily in a 14m wing loaded at 190 pounds.

I had proudly opened the season in Friday's lighter conditions with a scratchy half hour of hope just above the sea cliffs, unable to bench up to the crater, and happy to pull off a top landing. But Saturday's conditions were too spicy for normal sized wings. Jetflap and Scrappy flew the early session, and then Jorge, Nova and Brian put on a serious show in the afternoon. Sebastian added some excitement with a couple of his RC gliders, including one death defying tree landing. Thanks to Scrappy for the cold refreshments.

Looks like this winter will be sending plenty more fronts our way. Here's to more moderate prefrontal conditions and more pilots up at Diamond Head!

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