Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Parting Glass

Six lucky pilots scored some sweet cross country flying from Makapuu today. And many others enjoyed all kinds of sweet airtime. Tomorrow I am leaving town for a couple weeks, and this flight was just what I needed to keep me sane while I'm lowering my body temperature on the east coast!

Jetflap scored the first cross country flight of the day, hopping over the back to Koko Crater and landing at Sandys. Meanwhile, Mad Dog and I tag teamed it twenty miles downrange to the Pyramid, only to find blue conditions that flushed us down to Coral Kingdom and Waiahole Beach Park. Lots of nice thermals and a low save for me over the airspace! Paul followed as far as Hygienics, and his flight featured the amazing low save of the day over the Pali golf course. This was Paul's last day on his visit here, so this flight was perfect timing for him as well. Thanks to Reaper for the retrieve! Thanks to Mad Dog for the full flavored tall beverage and the kalua pig! I shot some video of our flight together and if I have time while I'm away I'll edit and post it here.

Ike and Thom followed as far as Stairway, and then flew back to Makapuu! Those guys scored the flight of the day. Even if they get DQ'd for nicking airspace! But anyone who flew today has to be happy. It was a perfect day to be in the air. Great to see Nova, TommyRD, Frank, Roland, Nightshift, BC Drew, Mr. Akutsu, and anyone else I'm forgetting.

I hope you guys get more days like this while I'm gone - but only if you post stories, track logs, pictures or video!

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Thom said...

Great flight with old man Ike actually he lead the way. We fell into air space at the H3 when no air was to be found.