Monday, May 05, 2014

Celebrating Bob

The fifth annual celebration in memory of our friend Bob Johnson was marked by over thirty pilots at Kahana, with at least sixteen airborne, several cross country flights to the beer store in Hauula, and multiple incarnations of Bob’s avian spirit thermaling with us on the last day. In defiance of a dismal forecast for light southeast wind and rain, we scored two days of flying, not to mention three days of camping and celebrating.

Friday’s flying window was brief and sketchy, with low clouds, super east flow, and drizzly clouds building out from the back, but Woody, Thom and I did our best to make it work. We flew a fun impromptu low cross country flight to the beer store in Hauula.

Saturday didn’t offer any opportunities to fly at Kahana, so a few of us headed to Mokuleia to blaze some new trails and launches at Kaena Point. It was fun figuring out how to make that place work in a light northwest flow.

Sunday was the big day: we got a zillion pilots airborne on an unusual southeasterly day, with a sea breeze undercutting the offshore flow aloft. Cloudbase was low but a couple of us managed a fun cross country flight to the beer store in Hauula. Ray dropped flowers over the bay, and many of us felt fortunate to share a few thermals with an Iwa or two. We like to imagine it’s Bob and maybe his new girlfriend.

Our original plan was to stage our quarterly highway cleanup on Sunday, but as Thom explained to me: with the weather working against us for so long now, flying is a lot more important than a highway cleanup! So we all ran up the hill, and we’ll just have to reschedule the cleanup for another weekend.

As always, this event was so well attended that it would be easier to get a head count by just numbering the few pilots that didn’t make it. But I’ll try to remember who was there this weekend: Johnimo, Drew, Sebastian, India Matt, Chris, Ray, Don, Thom, Motorhead, Duck, Woody, me, Scrappy, Garrett, McStalker, Harvey, Doug, TommyRD, 5-0 Mike, Gaza, Laurel, Ginny, Sandy, Sawzall Brent, SF Bill, BR Andre, Sharky, Joey, Reaper, Jim, Kevin, Nightshift. And probably others that I’m forgetting.

Thanks to everyone for all they did to make this event such a success: Ginny and Ray for the planning and inspiration, 5-0 Mike and Ces for the mess tent and fire pit and a ton of other stuff, Johnimo for the famous SOS breakfast, Noell for the bloody marys and margaritas, Duck for the pizzas and scotch, etc, etc.

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Thom said...

First thanks to Bob for letting me and others fly on Friday and Sunday with a Monday Cinco de mayo flight at Makapuu.

This event as well done as it is, is due to Cess & Mike for the kitchen, coffee & vidals. Ginny & John were suppliers and cooks and I am glad I only eat SOS once a year, I may have to go up a glider size.

FYI the Gratitude Cup was not present. Those of you that ate at the kitchen need to spread some green their way. Eggs & Things don't grow on trees.

I probably should not tweet about this but Noel's Bloody Marys were the best I ever swallowed. I think I will be dropping off the ingredients at her cauldron and try to learn that potion.

Thanks to all the campers and fire dancers that braved out the rainy weather to have fun.

After a long fall and winter of chasing flights, hopefully this summer will get us all together for some consistent epic flights.

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear, Tip Your Waiter and Go!!