Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crossing Paths

Tuesday’s super north conditions at Kahana brought at least a dozen pilots out to explore the air and surrounding terrain. A half dozen of us blazed crisscrossing tracks all over the area, with one long lost airman returning from semi retirement to join us and inspire us to go farther in every direction.

It was super north, with the flow on north launch slightly from the rhino horn side of onshore when we started. The sensor was calling it 30 degrees or so. I’d say we wouldn’t want to see it much more north than that! Thom, Don, birthday boy Paul, Woody, Gaza, Mad Dog and I made up the first shift. Most pilots were able to work their way up and out, and then the fun started.

We blazed separate trails all over the sky, to Punaluu, to Kualoa, to Hauula, to Waiahole and Kahaluu, crossing paths with our buddies and turning a few circles together as we did. Sometimes everyone flies a route together in a gaggle, but on this day everyone seemed to have their own agenda and timeframe, so we ended up just crossing paths all afternoon. It was great to see Woody catch a ripper at Kahana to sky out over everyone for an easy bay crossing.

A slight misting (and the threat of worse) from a band of towering dark bottomed clouds split us up at the end, sending some in to land at Kahana, while others escaped to the north. Thanks to Duck for the retrieve! Mad Dog opted to skip the retrieve and instead he flew a little farther, burrowing underground to avoid the airspace at Hygienics.

Later on there was a second shift, featuring Alison, Doug, Dave Nichols, Mark, and Allegra, and possibly others. Thanks to Alison for sharing her entire collection of delicious cold beverages with the first shift!

What a fun northerly day. I look forward to crossing paths with everyone again very soon!

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Thom said...

No agenda just trying to catch you and Mad Dog, which now that Mad Dog is back in action I'll never catch up.