Monday, April 28, 2014

Makapu'u Smoothie

We were really hoping for a great Sunday but awoke to rain pouring down and squelched hopes once again. The chatter box was getting filled with negativity and many monkeys made other plans for the day. Around 11ish JeffMc posted that there was a hole of blue over Hawaii Kai that may make its way to Makapuu. Paul and I decided to go for a ride. We were already planning to do something else on the ride as Green Walls bottom was the only green visible and the color blue was only in our mood. Paul, being of a positive sort, said, "Well, at least it's warmer than Washington, but it looks the same."

Getting closer to Makapu'u we could see a glider up, now two, Doug and Joey with tandems. Well that's a great sign at least we'll get a shot of sky-alis even if we just stay local. The LZ had a few pilots mingling, a strange face that was somewhat familiar popped out from behind his truck. It was MadDog, you may remember him as a once great pg-pilot that now just flys toy planes. As I looked over his collection and then up at the gray skies, maybe he's got the right idea.

The wind was fluttering from the east and then turned slightly and appeared to get lighter. Then lighter as Frank launched his small wing from Juice and then even lighter as he plummeted to the beach making only the Life Guards happy. The tandem duo of Maui Doug and Joey were heading up for their 2nd launch. Not looking that great, Paul and I were going to just hike up to assist. Right then, Ike drove into Juice parking lot, Ike only shows up if its flyable. Paul and I grabbed our bags.

The tandems were off and then Paul got his first take off since arriving. I had a creative launch. While messing around with a cravat on launch, I had switched brake handles, turned right off the carpet and into the air. Oops, I bobbled around then calmly let them go and they popped back to their positions, all good. Glad no one had that on video, I can see Woody's eyebrows going up as I am writing this.

No one went anywhere, except Dave got a one way trip on his Thriller landing out on Waimanalo beach. The tandem boys were happy splitting at least 8 flights. The rest of were happy for the taste of smooth, sleepy air.

Jack Brown blessed us with his presence and wanted to go north. He had no radio which was probably was a good thing cause Alex started chirping from Kualoa and we know Jack wants to connect those dots. He ended up landing with the monkeys and posting, "That was one of the nicer MPU days I've ever had. Wow lots of Tandems! A big thanks to whoever is responsible for the new carpet. What a nice launch!"

Roll Call: Pilots that flew: MauiDoug on tandem, Joey on tandem, Frank, Motorhead Paul, Ike, Sidehill, FiremanDave, Matt Thomas, B-Ray with tandem, Scrappy with tandem and Alaska Jack. In the LZ: MadDog, Jeanine, Reaper, Ginny, SawzallRich, Garrett, PretzelBill, Kyle, Don Tomich and Kui.

So in a misty Makapu'u with glimmers of sunshine we got a fix that will tide us over till .......

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!!

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sandy said...

So what is a "lifeguard wing catcher" anyway? Other than something that when used keeps other pilots from running up to launch.

Thanks for the report Thom!