Monday, August 11, 2014

Flying the Hurricane

Hurricane Julio graciously veered far north this weekend and spared the islands from anything but a break in the trade winds, making way for light northerlies and sea breezes. A zillion pilots took advantage of the light conditions to fly Makapuu all day long, some venturing away under a lowish cloud base to Greenwalls, Olomana and even the back side of Lanikai. It was great to see a lot of rare faces out there. I guess mine was one of those! I'm leaving for the mainland today to ship Logan off to college. See you guys in a couple weeks!


Thom said...

Wow this is right up there with an Ike content.
It was rotary down by Puu Kona we almost think it may have been the strong South West flow from the airport side. Of course that did not stop Jorge from tagging Lanikai and doing a 'redonculous' scrape back to MPU. Fireman did a long out back as well hitting Maunawilli. Alex, One-eye, Gaza and Sebastian (on a Zero) stayed between PUU Kona and the light house.
Great to see Jim's new sled as the cover pic although Alex has to get a new I phone with a zoom.
Roll Call best I can remember:MauiDoug & Reaper with multiple tandems. Alex, One-eye,Jorge, McStalker,Sidehill, Alegra, Frank, Brent,Sean, Sebastian, Gaza, Laurel, (Yaaa),Jonathan, Kevin. Hangies Goto and MikeB. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Alex said...

The story was short and sweet. Unlike the flight which was long and bumpy. I like the cover photo with Jim because the small glider makes Greenwalls look bigger. And Jim just doesn't hug my six for the celebrity close ups all the time like you do.