Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Presidential Pardon for Iselle and Julio

When the powers that be must get a flight, a pardon just has to be granted. On the way to my last job of the day, I called the Prez: any chance of another Calm Before the Storm? He declared: no way, dude, we're done for weeks. Ouch! Just the thought of no airtime for a few days gives me the shakes, but when the prognosis is for weeks, well, you wouldn't want to be around me. I must have put a bug in his ear. I went to check the chat box and hit iWindsurf instead, and the last few readings on the Punaluu sensor were very interesting!

I sent a text to Alex: I just talked to you, but now the sensors look good, but no gear anyway. I had left my gear at home, thinking there was not even a chance. Alex returned a text in seconds: holy crap, you might have to borrow some gear! My last inspection was in Kaneohe, and it was a dump, so I called the realtor and gave him the bad news as I was racing home to get my gear and go.

I really think I deserve a blue or red light on my truck, cause this was an emergency. I think I arrived in record time, with Alex skidding in next to me at the north launch trail. Maui Doug was already airborne and logging in some points. The day looked perfect.

We were in the air and it was magical. An easy northeast wind made getting up and across the bay as gorgeous as the day. Who knew! As we floated along heading toward Kualoa, I heard Alex squeal: oh, I just hit 2,600 feet! Playing catchup, I hit the same, as Alex was headed to Chinaman's Hat. He waited for me to return from my partway trip to the hat, and then we blazed back to Kahana.

Maui Doug was on a mission. I could almost hear him say as he buzzed under me for his second trip to Kualoa: coming for you, Mad Dog! Maui Doug had launched a half hour earlier and had managed to get way out ahead of us. He logged a flight to Chinaman's Hat, and then back to somewhere past Haaula ridge, and then back to Chinaman's Hat, and then north to the vacant lot north of Pounders. I am sure that flight will fill in the last blank on his 2014 score.

Alex and I headed for Punaluu, then over to the Haaula ridge. Alex did his typical out to sea from Punaluu to Haaula. He didn't even stop, and continued on, all the way to PCC. He stated that he may not be coming back. I headed back to Kahana, and got jacked up to 2,500 feet right over the Rhino. I couldn't even see Alex anymore, but he was trudging his way back. I figured I would cross the bay to add some points onto my score, but I arrived at Hidden Valley with a thousand feet. Where did the other 1,500 feet go? It was getting a little stronger and the wind seemed to be going a bit more north.

Alex said: let's land at the beach, since the kids are gone out of the keyhole patch. The patch was a spot of sand nestled into trees next to Campsite 1. But then Alex decided to add a zero to that camp designation, and he slid into Campsite 10 instead. He got in there with grace, and I plopped it in there shortly after.

Maui Doug caught the bus back from Pounders. He had to persuade the bus driver to take him. Even the bus driver was giving pardons! Alex and I had a long debriefing back at his ranch. He is leaving for two weeks next Monday to take Logan to college. Seems like yesterday that kid was wrestling Alex and Duck on the beach. Good luck, Logan.

On a day that was not to be … it was. Pardon us, Iselle, but that may be the last you'll see of us until you and your friend Julio make your exits.

Presidential pardons can not be given lightly or often, but when they are, you better be there, cause …

It was Time to Fly, Got My Gear and Went! Thanks for the Presidential Pardon, that was a fun flight.

Roll Call: Maui Doug, Alex, Sidehill.

Alex's pics


Maui Doug said...

Wow that was a fast detailed write up Thom!
That was one of the smoothest flights I have had in awhile. It was fun to criss cross the sky with you and Alex. Here's the link to my flight yesterday. Sad to see the LZ so washed out :-(
I hope I & J somehow push the sand back in!

Thom said...

We don't need no stinking LZ. Heck MauiDoug you landed miles away. What we need is some good MPU weather, would love to do a reenactment of our first down range flight together!!