Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's been a heck of year, medically speaking, for my family, as we have had our fannies in and out of hospitals for all kinds of reasons. Well, hopefully this is the end of it for awhile, cause it sure has put my wing budget in arrears. I was getting pretty bummed out with all this stuff, until the crack of dawn today. Kahana looked promising! I told Tom and Kelly to shake their booties and head out, as I, with a partial med-clearance, snuck out the back door.

We arrived at Kahana as the King and Duck were launching north. It was looking sweet. I tried to hurry up the trail, but I was out of shape and got pooped fast. Tom continued on and Kelly hung back to keep an eye on me. Soon, Woody was on my arse and I let him gas on by. Ok, enough of these butt analogies!

Woody launched and chased after Duck and Alex. I helped Tom launch, and Kelly helped me. Sure is great to get a launch assist. The air was perfect as I benched up and headed across the bay to join Woody and Alex. Arriving at Crouching Lion over 1,600 feet, I radioed back to Tom, aka 350: Hey, 350, I know you're on my six, I usually turn and run back at 600 feet but I am at 1,600 feet so it's all good. But it turned out 350 was above me, and on meters, so I guess that was totally useless info.

It was so smooth I almost fell asleep at the helm. Later on during the flight, another glider showed up, and I got some mixed messages. It was a visitor pilot with call sign Toronto, and I didn't know him yet but he appeared to be doing well. Jorge had also cruised into play, so now we also had the doublemint twin wings flying together. Wow, this was the most pilots we have had cruising Kualoa in awhile!

Some black bottomed clouds were drifting in, so we headed to Punaluu. Alex, Jorge, 350, Toronto and me were benching up to head over to Hauula, while Duck had to topland for a nature call and Woody had some fledglings' derrieres to kick into shape.

We were flying around, and of course I was talking up a storm, making up for lost time. Toronto reported he had ripped his pod. I told him I have some black ripstop and could patch it right up, in case it's flyable this week. As I was heading across the bay for the second time, Alex was retreating from Kualoa to beat some falling moisture, as Jorge headed straight for it.

We all landed at Kahana, except for Jorge, who snuck it into Swanzy's. It was then that I found out that Toronto was actually just a new call sign for our pal 350. Hmmmm, someone else trying to use the split personality card. Actually, Alex was having a little fun on my behalf. Tom is from Canada, and got labeled by Reaper at the 2012 Canadian Nats as 350. Then Alex got him drinking his new favorite Toronto cocktails at Ginny's B-Day party, so Alex started calling him Toronto. Thanks guys for confusing the hell out of me. Wait, so who was in the orange UP? Turns out it was a radio-less Scrappy, who eventually landed at Haaula to grab a retrieve from Johnimo.

Afterwards, thanks to Scrappy, there were some Okole Malunas (bottoms up) at the LZ. I sure needed this shot in the arm, cause my arse is too sore. What a great day! Roll Call: Alex, Duck, Woody, 350/Toronto/Tom, Sidehill, Jorge, Scrappy, Sandy June, Johnimo, and three Woody prodigies. Ginny and Lupo would have spent the night, as Lupo locked Ginny out of her car, until her favorite AAA guy came to her rescue. Thanks to Kelly for keeping an eye on me during the hike up and on launch.

It's Time to Fly, Get Off Your Ass and Go!!!!!

Alex's Pics:


sandy said...


sandy said...

Rollcall addition: Bday girl Ginny, Lupo, and her AAA guy.

Thom said...

Thanks Sandy added Ginny & Lupo and a few more pics.

Alex, 350Tom and Jorge also have some pics I hope to see added or maybe even Alex will spin another yarn.

It was a magical day with lift so easy it was almost boring......NEVER.

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

Is there supposed to be some kind of hidden condition that you are hinting at??😂😂😂

Thom said...

OH, not all are privy to what is going on, Butt yes, it is a direct hint of anatomical area of work.

I have pictures too, to prove my head is really not up my ass and for once in my life I am not full of S**t!