Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ghostly Wingman

While my usual wingmen desperately chased the specter of an epic downrange day at Makapuu, I chose the cloud street less traveled, and enjoyed a rare solo sojourn from Kahana to Kaliuwaa and Kanehoalani. But I could never quite escape the company of a shimmering shadow that appeared each time I found myself high above a wispy cloud. Which was pretty often! What a gorgeous day to fly over the most beautiful corner of the island, with the quietest flying companion ever.


Thom said...

A short read but a read that I had to open my Hawaiian Dictionary to find out where the hell you went. So for the Hauoli speaking folk he went to Sacred Falls then down to Kualoa ridge. What we used to call a Chronic now is the milk run.
I was one of the unfortunate soles that had to fly Makapuu down to the reflection pond and back before getting a call to do a kid pick up, argh.

Upon landing I had to avoid a quad copter, after which I 'nicely' spoke with the asshole Texan that was in control of it. FYI RC planes should be on the ground when PG or HG are anywhere on approach and if your an asshole Texan, keep them in Texas.

Not all Texans should be grouped in this comment just this one in particular. Aloha.

firedave2 said...

Alex, I like how the shadow of your glider is clear in your Brocken Spector, very nice shot.

I was working below the Pali and it looked great before noon. It seems that as soon as it passes noon and the sun starts falling behind the Koolau, cloudbase drops fast.

I am going have to find a way to be free between 10am and 2pm to get the best of these days.

Gravity said...

I'm with you Dave!
From now on, I have appt's with my CPA from 10-2 everyday cloudbase is high, and the winds are light...

Someday, I'll retire! UGH