Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cross Country Capriccio

Time for another fun musical form, this time a whimsical improvisatory piece, usually played fast. I had little more than an hour to fiddle away before taking Dorothy to the airport, but conditions at Kahana were looking quite harmonious for a cross country jig. Wind was a bit on the strong side and there were some sour notes on the radar but I was optimistic. I wasn't sure exactly what would be possible today, but I knew whatever it was, I had to fly it fast!

Woody and Maui Rodney were lagging behind getting gear together, so I ran up ahead and launched low east. I benched up to 2,600 in the molasses over Puu Piei, and then set a course for Kaaawa. I knew it was a bit east and strong but I thought there was a chance of making the crossing. Sure enough I found a nice wide lift line and arrived even higher than I do on most typical northeast days! I climbed quickly and ran over to Kualoa, dodging around a big fat cloud bank. There I dallied only long enough to capture some pretty pictures before dashing back to Kaaawa.

I benched up again and headed wide over the bay. I was cutting it close, but it looked like I might have just enough time to tag Punaluu before coming back to land. Fortunately for me Punaluu was working great, and I benched up to cloud base there before striking out for another nice wide lift line back to Kahana.

By then I'd been airborne for an hour. It was surely my quickest impromptu chronic cross country flight ever, using a lot more bar than usual. Woody and Rodney were just launching as I pulled around and into the bay, to head in for a landing. I got home just in time to take Dorothy to the airport! Thanks to my better half for her usual forbearance.

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Thom said...

Thanks again for appeasing JJJ. Really would be nice if some one else would take up this sport, this was a a good twist on a musical but would be nice to one not do it alone and two get some that will write.
You added another hour to your lofty record.

It's Time to Fly..........Is anyone out there????....Get Your Gear and Go!