Sunday, November 02, 2014

Miniwing Mayhem

In yesterday's strong easterly conditions at Kahana, three of the fab five hiked up to fly mini wings. I was kindly invited to stand in as a fab flyer for a day, and we also enjoyed a special guest appearance by visitor AK Collie. Thanks to Drew and Steve and Sebastian for letting me take spins on the Firefly and the Zero and the BMW. Dramatic top landings and top crashes were the order of the day. (Not in the BMW though, I swear.) Of course the most exciting landings were not caught on video, but that's just how it works.

Thanks to Drew for the pre and post flight refreshments. Too much fun! Great to see Ryan, Margot and Andre tearing up the beach, as well as Matt and Anne, and later on Duck and Harvey.


Thom said...

Thanks Guys needed to know someone had a flyable life, although I heard there were a few top landings that were lively.


TomM said...

God, that looked like ridiculous amounts of fun...