Thursday, November 06, 2014


We could all use some therapy for what ails us. Some more than others. On Tuesday a great host of suffering bastards took the cure at Makapuu. It wasn't as light as the forecast had suggested, and the clouds were pretty darn low, but I still think it was just what the doctor ordered. The early shift consisted of Ike, Jayson and Thom. Then we got a chance to share our easiest air with visitors AK Thai and Jerry, and UT Paul. Thanks to Thom for helping with the site intros. Also great to see JK back in town. The late shift was picked up by Frank, Maui Doug, Choppy, Jonathan, Reaper, Motorhead and Allegra.


Scrappy said...

I feel like chopped liver when I fly! No mention of the 1 nice flight I had with Johnathon in the sweet north airflow. Nice landing followed by the old fogey ferry to crazy's in the reaper monster truck with 1 creatitve launch with the antigravity machine plus a motorhead bushwacking mission. Then I flew again with Allegra in the beautiful near full moon to the lighthouse again right at sunset. Didn't you drop me off to fly and redeliver my forgotten sweatshirt? Nobody loves Scrappy... :P

Alex said...

Oh yeah the sweatshirt handoff! I don't how I forgot you, Choppy! I'll add you to the roll call. :-)