Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Four Day Weekend


Flying my head off from Friday to Monday. A rainy and exciting Kahana bay crossing, two perfect Makapuu cross country days, and a sea breeze soaring and top landing clinic at Koko Head.


Thom said...

4 days of flying, 2 great cross country flights and this is all you had to say. JJ Jameson is not very happy.

Alex said...

Ha ha. My pictures speak for me. I took over a thousand. If each one is a thousand words, that's a million words right there. It took me 3 hours to edit them. Plus the 1 hour editing your story. So 4 hours is probably enough time I think! I'll write some details if I get a little more time later. :-)

sandy said...

Beautiful story Alex! Thanks for sharing the views.

Nice socks, Sidehill!