Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Surfing the Cold Front

We have flown every corner of the island in the last week: Kahana, Makapuu, Koko Head, Makua. Now that's how we know it's winter on Oahu. Today a few adventurous souls followed the forecast to farthest Dillingham, and squeaked in a magical hour flight between frontal shower bands.

After a soaking wet hike, Thom, Brian and I soared between Kealia and the point in perfect onshore flow that grew stronger by the minute. Huge waves were rolling in below, and we saw the first whales of the season spouting way offshore. By the time we landed the wind was howling. Thanks to my sponsor for not talking me out of it! It was also great to see Igor out there, on the island for the day to be sworn in as a US citizen.


Thom said...

As you know Alex has a problem....he flies too much. But by whose standards? For some reason I ended up his sponsor. HMMMM does calling the kettle black work for anyone?

Dill was great for the short window. The hike was longer than the flight

Alex said...

Speak for yourself! I flew twice as long as I hiked. And, as usual, I hung out with my flying buddies afterward for four times as long as I flew. But I wouldn't change a thing. Here's to Dillingham, the Thai Truck, and the Punaluu Chicken Ranch.