Monday, January 12, 2015

Makapuu Koko Party

Zillions of pilots got into the air at Makapuu on Saturday. Conditions were light and easterly, and Cactus was the launch du jour. The ridge was working well, with some nice thermals, but it was cloudy and leeside downrange.

A few of us decided to head to Koko where the easterly flow typically works great. Unfortunately the flow had switched more northeast by the time we got over there! But somehow, halfway across, I was able to catch the nicest leeside thermal ever to sky out over the crater. And then I sank like a stone in the offshore flow to join my buddies at Sandys.

After the flying, many of us retired to the Punaluu Ranch for a barbecue and bonfire.

Roll call: Scrappy, Duck, me, Sharky, Dave, Kevin, Jim, Jeff, TommyRD, Andrew, Airborne Ken, Five-0 Mike, Dave Goto, Don, Jayson, me, and surely others I’m forgetting.

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sandy said...

Why do your stories always make it sound better than the chat box posts indicate? Just as well for me as we had a full slate of home projects lined up and I was trying not to get torn away by chat box posts. Booming leeside thermals and gentle ridge lift for the faithful!!