Monday, January 12, 2015

Nanakuli Faithful

Sunday dawned with a forecast of light southerly winds. We know there is only one place that is going to work well in those conditions. (Well, and that other one that is a pale echo of a flying site.) And yet people were posting hopeful messages about Makapuu and Diamond Head! But a small group of faithful thermal zealots made the proper pilgrimage to pay tribute to Nanakuli, our long neglected mistress of the west side.

She rewarded us with the beatings we deserved, as we slaved away to regain her favor. We battled our way up in stable conditions, finally climbing in the broken thermals just above cloud base, close to three grand. After a couple hours of that rough treatment we headed out to salve our wounds at Maili Point, and then soared down the beach to start a long thirst-quenching debriefing session. What a hard but fun day. Thanks to Sebastian for the refreshments!

Roll call: Flystrong Bill, Drew, Steve, Sebastian, me.


sandy said...

I hope your homage was noticed and will be enough to provide the next mission there with some relief and truly buoyant air as my last flight there was none too easy (but still awesome). But I suspect our neglect will require more faith and sacrifices before we're granted the epic reward. I'm still hoping I'll be able to take another crack at Kaala some day.

Kudos for your tithe and thanks for sharing your homily!

Unknown said...

Back side of the point!