Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 HPA Turkey Shoot! Plus, Year-end Meeting & Party!

Dave had the excellent idea to revive our very old tradition of a one day flying event, the kind where we get everyone together at one site and have some serious fun in the air and on the ground. Spot landings, bomb drops, balloon hunting, and whatever else we can dream up. Turkey shooting? Maybe! So we're going to plan on doing it the day of our upcoming year-end meeting and party: Saturday, November 19, 2016. Fun starts at noon. Flying site to be determined depending on weather. Followed by year-end meeting and party at Pete's house in Enchanted Lakes. Stay tuned for updates on location and timing!


firedave2 said...

The Turkey Shoot is on November 19 at noon sharp. We want to get everyone out there for some aerial fun, with PG activities for all pilots of all skill levels. Fun- absolutely, laughs- lots, prizes- maybe, awards- probably.

The goal of this years event is to get everyone out there in a very social paragliding setting, a bit like the old days. Bomb drop, spot landing and some other events guaranteed to entertain.

The location will be determined in the days before the event, depending mostly on weather. Generally Kahana if the conditions are windy, and Makapuu if conditions are rainy. Oversimplified, but you get the idea.

After an afternoon of flying fun, we head over to Reaper's for our year end HPA meeting and party. All are welcome, man or beast, so see you there.

Gravity said...

Party at Reapers
Fort Gravity
660 Palawiki street

firedave2 said...

Pete, Thanks for the party venue.

Alex and I are naturally optimistic for the HPA Turkey Shoot going on at noon at Kahana this Saturday. Why, because no matter what the days weather prediction, the Kahana crowd almost always flies. So it might be a little windy or showery, but it should be good for some beach landing fun.

I will update tomorrow and plan to get out flying this Saturday. Don't forget to stop by the LZ and pick up a few sand bombs for the bomb drop.

firedave2 said...

Kahana tomorrow midday for the HPA Turkey Shoot. You can pretty much fly anything since activities are mostly around the beach.

This year we are planning to set up on the picnic side, instead of the camping side of the LZ. It makes for better viewing of the flying and less of a spectacle for any hearty campers. Bring a chair or a cooler and strap in for some fun and hijinks.

Afterward head over to Petes to stuff your turkey or bake your potato with flying friends.

Geronimo John said...


See Chat Box.


firedave2 said...

Mother Nature isn't giving it up for us flyers today. The HPA Turkey Shoot has been moved to to next Saturday November 26 at noon. Kahana is the likely location, but stay tuned.

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