Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Broken Wing

Our buddy Gary, aka Gaza, just took a spill at work today when an un-nailed floor joist slipped beneath him and he had the unfortunate fall into a beam 3' below. Three broken ribs is no joke, and don't make him laugh for at least 3 months. Who said paragliding is dangerous? Work is dangerous. Gary, Laurel, and Eli are all working real hard raising Bean, building a home and preparing for winter. And with another sprout on the way it turns up the heat even more. Laurel and Gaza have always stepped up and helped everyone else whenever they could, and I figure a little payback goes a long way so I started a GofundMe page to help them out.

NEW SWING Connect II Reverse Harness Raffle at the meeting on Nov. 11.

Newest Swing Reversible harness with all the bells and whistles. Great for hike'n'fly. We will custom order any size for the winner... Free reserve parachute re-pack for the winner.

All proceeds will be donated to Gaza's recovery fund.


Geronimo John said...

Good move Pete. Geronimo

Duck said...

We are going to raffle off a Swing Connect 2 Harness at the club meeting--all proceeds go to Gaza and Laurel!

See here for harness details:

Thanks to Pete for getting us a sweet deal on the harness!


Gravity said...

Gaza is at home now receovering. The Doctor's told him the his lung was healed enough to go home.
He still has four broken ribs and will be out of work until Christmas.
Give him a call Monkeys. He'd love to hear from you.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure Gaza was one of the first to arrive and help me out of the tree at KNA a few years back.
Glad to support the ground me. Ribs are the worst! So painful to laugh! Cheers to all, hope to get back again soon.

Unknown said...

ground me = gofundme