Thursday, November 16, 2017

Minutes of the 2017 Year End Meeting

Ok sorry, this post was so long in the making, but alot happened at this meeting.  I just wished I didn't blink, cuz I missed it.
Great thanks to Mr. Dave Goto and his extremely much better half Tori Goto for allowing this group of flawed individuals to meet at their home. 100 thanks to Doris for allowing us all to crash her Birthday party.
Oahu Free Flighters may differ in the air but tonite HG pilots & PG pilots left their wings at the door and partied till the Iwa Birds the way Iwa birds don't sing we found out.


1. Call to Disorder ⤶

2. Happy Birthday to Doris 100 years young and still a party girl. ⤶

3.This will go down in history as our shortest meeting with only 2 grim compliances with association standards; Election of Slaves to HPA (Board Members) and the Collection of Dues. ⤶

4.Meeting was ajourned shortly after it was convened. ⤶

Board Members

Alex Colby
Dave Taratko
John Mallard
Peter Michelmore
Thom Therrien

We actually had an agenda but we have managed to burn out our President, not sure why the only Tweeting Our President does is from 3000 feet.

Hopefully our next meeting will not be such a wild party, with too much food, wine, beer and foolery.  Who am I kidding.........It will most likely be at the new Reaper compound, The Gravity Pavilion which is presently under construction, first thing completed was the BAR.

So really no news but there are a few items you all should know about.

Steve & Christina Wright have pulled up roots here and moved to Florida.  We wish them all the best on their new venture.

Be-careful hiking to Cactus police are turning away all hikers. Do not park in the dirt below Cactus trail.  They ticket

We Need to get some type of protocol to handle the Drone invasion.  Fireman Dave was hit by one, Drone did not survive.

Thanks to Garret (Tweedle Green) and Shawn (Tweedle Thumb) for their tireless work on sprinklers at Makapuu LZ.  If you have not seen it.  It is very green and lush.

Dues were paid by almost more visitors, new pilots and dare I say a few hangies than our general old regime. Dave took the names so I am trying to read his writing, my guess he does not want to be secretary or treasurer.

Mario Beanasconi
Allegra Coleman
Kevin Fowler
David Fireman Taratko
Mike 5-0
John Duck Mallard
Allen Wilson
Brent Rickhim
Don Ike Ikenberry
Doug Maui Hanman
Alex Colby
Ulf Schwekendiek
Marc IFR Collins
Claud Scrappy Philips
Frank Awol Highsmith
John JK Smith
Patrick Kessler
Tom Superman Prindle
John Fuller
Joey Saikin
Yo Morita
John Russel
Reece Harter
Pete Reaper Michelmore
Sandy June Akers
Thom Therrien
Raimir Bylarrdt

29 names but Deposit was $560.00 some how a  $20 got miss placed. so, Dave no treasury position for you!!!


Larry Mc said...

Is there an address to which we can mail our dues ?

firedave2 said...


You can keep the treasurer position. It felt like collecting the cash at a bachelor party, difficult to focus and stay on task all while drinking, eating, talking and sharing one pen. You can bill me for the extra $20, I am just surprised we were only $20 short.

Gravity said...

I guess I'm busted. I didn't have a $20 on me, but I did manage to bring 5 bottles of wine...

Thom said...

ya and you drank 4.5 so you broke even. I will track you down and squeeze the 20 out of ya.