Saturday, January 13, 2018

Thermic False Alarm

Paraglider bag ready, proper attire and armed for the final flight. One of our stealth monkeys was ready for his final flight and take anybody out that would stop him from doing so. Crazy how people responded. So, here is what really happened.

We were all a little taken a back from this mornings ALERT.  JK responded that there would be great thermals. One pilot was emptying his truck to Loot Target, most likely the liquor aisle. We were debating making another pot of coffee, Would it be done before it hit?  Drew on the other hand was locked and loaded and headed North for a flight.

What could people in Hawaii really do if there was a real missile on its way.  Pretty much nothing.  There are no nuclear shelters here, if there were, what would you do after?  Well, just wanted to let the world of pilots that read our site know that we are all fine. In fact it looks like we just might have a flyable day today and tomorrow, so Hopefully, a fall out story in the next few days. Stay tuned.  No FAKE NEWS on Windlines, although we may bend the truth a little now and then.

Thanks for all the concerns from all over, no Flying Monkeys were hurt during this story.

Its apparently always,  Time to Fly so Get Your Gear and Go!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Geronimo John said...

All kidding aside, the key to "something being wrong" with this mornings emergency system activation was that the wavering tone was not in play. Still take them seriously, but really move to shelter faster if that tone goes off.

Certainly if you happen to be in the blast effect zone, say less than 3 to 4 miles from the impact, without shelter you pretty much are a toasted monkey. But even if NK could hit what they are aiming at, that will leave much of our island intact.

When warned, please DO go to shelter. Any shelter is better than being outside. That is unless you are Goto as he likely will be HGing the edge of the blast wave! :-)