Tuesday, March 27, 2018

End of the World Guarantee

The setting sun on the west side of Oahu is not Armageddon, but this one is at the End of the World. A flying site so special and picturesque, if not on your bucket list then you might as well just kick yours now. Rarely flown and only a limited number of monkeys and visiting pilots ever get one like this. So, where were you all???

On Monday, I got a call from Alex and he said, "We are chasing today, KMX, maybe Eddie's and maybe EOW." He had my attention at EOW. I have only, ever, had two flights out there and several denials that ended up in hikes down and out.

It was the first day we'd had some real good sun in awhile, after four or five weeks of wind and rain. Yes, we are spoiled here in Hawaii. If we don't get sun for a week then it really could be the End of The World. I decided not to chase on Monday. Later I got the word that they did get flights at End of The World. Rats! I mean good for them. But not really.

Tuesday came, and I had appointments till 1 pm. Alex called and said, "Heading to EOW directly today, it's going to be perfect!!" Typical Alex, playing the pied piper, but then he said, "Ike is already on his way out there!" Ok, NOW I was intrigued, cause Ike doesn't venture to fly anywhere unless it's going to be a Guarantee. He's venturing to a place where there is a 1 hour 20 minute drive to the launch trail from Kailua, followed by a long trudge to launch, 45 minutes to an hour, and finally the hard part, the launch itself is very moody. Ike had gotten out there an hour before the next group came to launch, and he was still struggling there, but if Ike is going to fly anywhere, it will be perfect...Guaranteed!

The launch is very difficult to do solo. So much easier with some one holding up your leading edge. But even then it can be trying. Ike, Kyle (visitor), Alex and Rocco (visitor) were in the air as I trudged along the muddy road towards launch (pictured left).

It was truly perfect conditions. I helped Reece launch. Actually, I went to hold her leading edge up and she yanked it before I could, turned, said see ya, and had a nice launch. Alone on launch, I had heard that EOW tried to claim at least 2 pilots earlier. Was I going to be its 3rd attempt? After several botched launches and numerous profane words, a good launch was had.

Once you're in the air and looking all around, you have to realize that God was showing off when he painted this vista. Whales and monk seals were just a few in the audience. Earlier the island of Kauai could be seen. Truly a site to be seen.

Thanks to Alex for his relentless rallying of the monkeys and Ike for leading the charge.

Pilots that scored yet another EOW flight: Ike, Alex and Thom, and first timers adding to the list of EOW pilots, Rocco, Kyle and Reece. Congrats for adding this site to your list.

In these hard times to get flights you just have to be ready cause when it is..........

Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go !!!!!!

The End. End of the World that is.

For Awesome Pictures of this Day check out Alex's shots.


Duck said...

Thanks for the coffee read Thom! Glad you guys scored!

Alex said...

Thom thanks for the writeup and pictures! I have a zillion pictures but it will take some time to sort through them. I'll add them here when they're ready. Yesterday looked like another good day out there but I just didn't have the energy after three straight days flying missions on the west side! Pretty cool to see that Drew and Marc figured out they could score a flight in nice wrapping WNW conditions at Pupukea at the same time we were enjoying the SW flow at EOW, for the last hour before sunset. I saw them on my live tracker and they were also sending gloat pics while flying!