Sunday, March 25, 2018

Koa Needs Our Help

Koa, Pete's cherished pup, had a hit and run accident.  No vehicle stopped for aid but I am guessing if it hit Koa there was most likely damage to the vehicle too.

Koa has suffered some severe internal injuries.  As you all know Pete is int he middle of a major remodel on his home Fort Gravity which will be the HPA meeting house when finished. He has dpleted a bulk of his reserves and was not planning on Koa playing chicken with a vehicle.

Koa has suffered some internal injuries, I will spare you the x-rays that Pete has sent me but I am sure you can find them else where on his face book or something. Koa is having a major surgery as the ink dries on this request.

Tons of us have had help from Pete in the past.  He's never asked for anything in return.  He will possibly kick my ass for even starting this fund raising thing. But Koa is his life and his kid as most of you with pets know, they grab you one way or another.

Accident happened last night and thankfully one of his students came through with their lesson payment so he was able to start the operation.  The cost has started at 4,600.00 and estimated to go to 10,000.00.  The doctor stated that he needs the surgery or die or you can put him down.  Reaper  would never let us down so lets not let Koa down.

This link will take you to a site.  They have some kind of tip thing that you can adjust, I didn't know it and they grabbed 15% from me  (which I didn't know till after) plus they take 1% which is standard.  Adjust the tip down to 0 if you like I think 1% is enough any way or stop by Pete's soon and slip a few bucks in his shorts, he might like it that way.

Koa will say thanks in his slobbering way the next time you land in a Hawaiian LZ.


Gravity said...

Super awesome Thom. I can't thank you enough except to say I'll be the 1st one to pluck you if there ever is a need Sidehill.
That goes for all of you. Free rescues for life.

Gravity said...

Latest update:
Koa needed a blood transfusion during surgery and his spleen was bleeding pretty bad so the removed it. Cost - an extra $2000

The vet said the cost would be no more than $6550.00, it's now at $7,900 and climbing. $600 a day for hospital stay. It's freaking only $200 for humans? WTF??????????????

Hopefully tomorrow, mom and I will be kidnapping Koa out of the Hilton and bringing him home.

I am now 3 payments behind on rent. BS