Saturday, July 28, 2018


While yesterday's full moon LZ party didn't draw much interest from our Oahu pilots, a good number of visitors from Maui made up for it. There were probably a dozen or more people out there for some lunar powered fun. The wind direction was perfect and the wind speed was stiff, but it wasn't too strong for some fun flying. I do apologize for these photos, they were shot in near total darkness on my iPhone.

There was a bit of pre-sunset flying and a kiting session going down. Paragliders weren't the only people around. At night, with the sheer number of monster tents and lighted structures closing in on the LZ, I decided to give the lower parking area the nickname, "The Sub-Division". From the air it looks like you are flying over Hawaii Kai.

The Makapuu Lighthouse, will from on just be known as the House, because for whatever reason there was no light.

Don, Yollie, Kim and moon, but no lighthouse light.

Maui Vin was out there, one year after his accident on Maui and looking to fly. Even with a lot of recovery to go he is paragliding, kitesurfing and biking. We hope you recover well, love the stoke.

There was a rave party going on under the big tree on the beach at Makapuu, lots of lights and candles all over, it looked trippy from the air.

A few people took to the air for a little flying, windy but smooth. Really nice.

The Moon, Jupiter and a strange looking shooting star.

I am terrible at this. Roll call: Flash, Becky, Vin, Andres, Ian, Kim, Yollie and a bunch of others. Slacker was there, where were you?

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