Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Paragliding Wedding Party Aug. 20th at 5:00 pm at Makapuu LZ

Big Nick our beloved Rat Race volunteer driver since 2010 is getting hitched at Makapuu little beach today at 5:00. Nick is an avid paraglider pilot and tireless volunteer from Portland, Oregon that I have had the sincere pleasure of working with at the Rat Race for over 7 years. We actually do fly, and Nick and Lyla have been our volunteer buddies at the Rat Race.

Nick has been flying all week and scored his best flight ever in Hawaii this week. Lyla has scored some amazing beach time...

Lyla is his amazing other half, and she supports Nick's habit of volunteering and flying every year. So, as is tradition in the paragliding world, we honor our better support staff and beg them to marry us. Well lucky for Nick, Lyla said "Yes".

The wedding will be held weather permitting of course on Monday. August 20th at 6:00. 
Our paragliding / volunteer Rat Race buddy Sarge will be officiating the marriage and hopefully flying.

We are inviting all club members and our ohana to join in the event to come out and celebrate the union between Nick and Lyla.

Volunteers needed for the "volunteers" wedding:
  • Flower pickers
  • Beach rakers
  • Tents for set-up party
  • Coolers
  • Palm tree leave pickers
  • BBQ's
  • Giant ring bearer for Nick (just kidding)


Gravity said...

Based on recent weather reports we move the event to Makapuu if necessary?

Gravity said...

Event info:
Makapuu LZ at 5:00 today