Monday, April 27, 2020

Garrett needs our help

Our buddy Garrett needs your help.
During this crazy Covid19 pandemic Garrett was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that has taken over his sacrum. The tumor is approx. 5" and eating away at his pelvic cavity. Since, Easter Sunday when Garrett found out why his hip was hurting he's had many X-rays, Cat scans, and other scans at Queens Hospital in Honolulu.
Garrett had just bought a sailboat in Honolulu and was planning on social distancing back on Maui. The unfortunate happened and maybe it was better, but they closed all the harbors due to Covid19.
Stuck on his sailboat in Honolulu Garrett was in 
some pain and decided to go get checked out at Queen's hospital. The doctors told him he had cancer and that it had taken over his sacrum (tailbone) and that he needed surgery right away. The surgery would eliminate his ability to walk. Garrett is a fighter and said "hell no". So, it was decided it would be better to go home to Michigan and get treated there using a new Proton laser machine that would shrink the tumor and then he could get surgery that would be less intense.

Garrett is currently at home with his family in Michigan. More tests were done and he's home now. Proton treatments are scheduled to begin in May?

Garret could use our help with his mounting hospital bills, alternative medicines (SEE BEE DEE treatments, etc) and he's switched to a vegan diet.

I remember Garrett pitching in when Gaza got hurt, when Koa got hit by a car, and he's always helping others.

Well, NOW is the time to kick in for Garrett to help him get back on his feet and get through this nightmare (and we're all worried about Corona virus). Cancer sucks, and he's gonna need the strength to fight.


sandy said...
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sandy said...

Please know that our hearts are with you as you fight this great fight as are the those of the many others you've befriended in your travels. We eagerly await your return to our fair shores and skies. Fight, Garrett FIGHT!