Tuesday, March 12, 2019

2019 Membership List

2019 Membership List Per meeting at Fort Gravity

First Big Thanks for Pete Michelmore for the use of our new club house location at Fort Gravity.
Thanks to Ginny Coe for collecting and organizing the waivers and dues. I was late.

Membership Paid $20.00 with Waivers.

Peter "Reaper" Michelmore
Frank "Awol" Highsmith
Patrick Kessler
Nikki "Smooth" Johnson
Ken "HiloKen" Bellisle   welcome back
Ian Cherteing
Alex "XPres" Colby
Lawrence "KaaawaLarry"Williams
Olivier Le Saux
Shawn Chun
David Porks
Joseph Bertucci
Tommy "SuperMan" Prindle
Igor "Maui" Merk
Nour Lababidi
Matt Lawrence
Claude "Scrappy" Phillips
Marc "CloudSurfer" Collins
David "Fireman" Taratko (President)
John "Geronimo" Russell
Donald "Ike" Ikenberry
Thom "Phoenix" Therrien
Reece Therrien

Someone dropped a $5.00 bill into envelope so calling that a tip to HPA.

A check is owed to David Taratko for paying our Club Dues to USHPA.  I need the amount Dave.

Total Dues 24 members paid                                 480.00
Tip                                                                             5.00
Deposit                                                                   485.00

Doug "Maui Doug" Hannam  Paid through 2018-2021 in lieu of Wind Sock reimbursement.

If you have NOT PAID club dues YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to FLY
Mike 5-0 Fujiwara
Alegra Coleman
John Goldberg
Paul "MotorHead" Kunzl
Total 4 memebers paid
Deposit                      80.00


Andrew "Flash" Zoechbauer  
Deposit                20.00

June 2019
Jim "One Eye" Simmons   $20.00
Mr. Gillespie visitor see comments   $50.00
Deposit                                $70.00


Thom said...

Please do not go by the Directory on this Website as it can be very inaccurate due to it has not been updated for over 7 years. Apparently all the computer Geeks in our club dont have the time to update it and make it easy for me to use to log everyone in etc.

so Geeks give us a hand with directory.

Gravity said...

Joey paid a 1/4 year due of $5.00 because he's leaving in May

sandy said...

Thom: Nour was nominated and graciously volunteered to be the board's IT guru for updating the website directory.

Waianae Jim said...

I sent my waiver & dues by mail.

Thom said...

Hopefully to the PO Box Jim.

I will be out of town from March 30 to April 14.

PO Box 643
Kailua HI 96734

Stalker said...

I gave my dues and waiver to Reaper.

Thom said...

Got Jim Simmons dues and waiver finally went to Alex
Also got a Gift from a visitor pilot of 50.00
He flew here in 2019 and was so impressed with the club he wanted to send a donation. He singled out John Duck Mallard for his verbalized site and weather, awareness and knowledge.

Thanks Jim & Thanks Duck for perpetuating our Clubs Aloha.